White Out_Installation

White Out_Installation

White Out_2011_Installation at the Arario Gallery, Seoul_Barrisol, Outdoor Light, Mirror, and Statues_9mx5mx3.5m

 Written by Chin Jungkwon

Up to now, the artist has focused on the issue of “the relationship between the virtual and the real.” In this light, the contextual position of his media work appears to be somewhat different from that of his past works. However, the ties between past and present remain unshaken. This exhibition will be presenting a copy of the statue in Berlin, in addition to his two video works. He calls this copy ’3D Photography – Reverse Representation.’ Whereas photographs represent three dimensional objects on a flat plain, this piece revives the cubic qualities of a two dimensional photograph. Through this process, the artist’s ongoing inquiry into the virtual and the real attains another dimension of depth.

In a way, this can be seen as a translation of trompe-l ‘ oeil on a dust cover into an object in a three dimensional space. This copy of a statue diverges from its habitat and becomes isolated in the confines of the gallery, as does the uncanny and displaced advent of a trompe-l ‘ oeil on a dust cover. In a empty white space, the statue will encounter the viewers, appearing to be disoriented in vacuum. This coordinate-less “transference,” this “white-out” – what meanings could they generate? According to the artist, the work attests to the fact that “we live in an age of uncertainty, bereft of any sense of direction.”


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